Continuous integration and deployment platform

Test and deploy your code, micro service, docker, simply
  • [my-project(master)]$baguette app-create
  • my-project created
  • Push to remote to deploy your app
  • [my-project(master)]$git push master
  • deploying my-project(master)
  • App healthy, you can access it using :

Use cases

Simple and powerful platform as a service


Simply test and deploy your services by doing a git push

Language agnostic

Use your prefered language: node, ruby, perl, java, python. We don't care.


We support not only HTTP[S], but also TCP and UDP services


detect errors on your services using our simple heartbeat system


services auto scale given your choices(cpu/memory/network usage)


real time data and logging give you infos about your services status

Simple and built for companies


Each app belongs to an organization. And you can manage them using granulary permissions

Network isolation

Each organization is isolated from others, and every app belongs to a VPC, you can create as you need


Choose on which cloud provider/region you want to create your VPC, and then your apps


You can use using a web interface, a CLI tool but also using our open API

PaaS/Host it

If you want to host our solution, instead of using our paas, you just can. Our code will also be available for you (GPL 3.0)

Secure deployment

By default we are using the blue/green strategy, but you can use the canary one